Laminate Floors Design Trends

Laminate floors styles come in strips, planks, or parquet tiles with numerous edge treatments such as square, micro, and bevelled edges. You can choose from a wide range of stains to complement your décor. Laminate flooring is now available in all wood species as well as tile, bamboo and natural stone designs. With the availability of such a wide range of designs, you are sure to find a laminate to complement any interior; from modern to classic, rustic, formal, informal or Mediterranean.


Today there is a big trend toward rustic style floors. Rustic floors complement most types of design interiors including: rustic, modern, informal and Mediterranean.

- Reclaimed Wood Styles

These styles mimic reclaimed wood from barns and old homesteads. These floors are very rough and rustic and the boards have a wide variation of color shading. These floors are suited to rustic and modern interiors. Recalimed wood styles are now available in laminate.

Laminate floors reclaimed oak
Mannington - Reclaimed Historic Oak Charcoal
Laminate floors reclaimed chestnut
Bruce - Reclaimed American Chestnut
Laminate wood floors reclaimed brown
Armstrong - Reclaimed Old Original Wood Brown
Reclaimed laminate wood floors woodland brown
Armstrong - Reclaimed Old Original Wood Warm

- Hand Scraped and Distressed

Distressing is a generic term referring to a method of making wood look old and worn. This is achieved by lightly battering and scratching it so there are many indentations and the floor looks antique.

Hand scraped floors are smooth but also give the appearance of an old worn floor, although not as much as distressed floors.

The images below will give you a good idea of the difference between distressed and handscraped. As you can see, they both have a very rustic appearance. The distressed boards look well used as if they are antique and have been walked upon for a 100 years; while the handscraped are smoother. Actually, most distressed floors are also handscraped.

Handscraped and distressed styles are now available in laminate.

Distressed cherry laminate floors
Armstrong - Distressed Cherry
Distressed hickory laminate floors
Armstrong - Distressed Hickory
Handscraped hickory laminate floors
Armstrong - Handscraped Hickory
Handscraped walnut laminate floors
Armstrong - Handscraped Walnut

- White Wash Wood Styles

White wash floors are also rustic in appearance. White wash floors come in many different colors. The original white washed look was achieved by painting an unfinished wood floor with a very light coat of paint so that the natural design of the hardwood is still visible. Whitewash is now available in laminate.

Armstrong Forestry mix laminate floors
Armstrong - Forestry Mix
Armstrong antique structure historic element laminate wood floors
Armstrong - Antique Structure Historic Element
- Wire Brush Effect

As the name implies, this style is achieved by brushing a hardwood floor with a wire brush. This effect is now available in laminate.

Maanington Arcadia Bark laminate flooring
Mannington - Arcadia Bark
Manington Aecadia Smoke wood laminate floors
Mannington - Arcadia Smoke

- Natural Stone Design Laminates

Aside from hardwood designs, laminate floors are also available in natural stone designs complete with grouting and edging. Almost every type of stone design is available, including: marble, slate, terracotta, granite, limestone and travertine. These designs are also available in various sizes and patterns as well as finished, unfinished, honed, filled or unfilled.

Armstrong Limestone Linen Sand wood laminate floors
Armstrong - Limestone Linen Sand
Mannington Revolutions Mojave Slate laminate floors
Mannington - Revolutions Mojave Slate

Color, Shade and Gloss:

The shade of laminate flooring you choose can dramatically change the look of your room. You can compliment the other design aspects in the room, bringing continuity and balance to the overall design. Lighter colors of laminates floor help small rooms appear larger, while rich, dark tones add drama to larger rooms to create a warmer, more intimate feel. For rooms with plenty of natural light, you may want to consider some of the darker tones available. If the room doesn't have natural light, you can lighten it up considerably by choosing a floor with a lighter color. Just remember, you can avoid being tied to a particular scheme by choosing natural colors. Contrasting your floor color with your furniture and wall color is a good idea. Select a darker floor if your walls and furnishings are light and a lighter color floor if you have dark walls and furniture.

Laminate floors are also available in bright solid colors that are great for childrens rooms and playrooms. There is also a selection of whitewashed laminates available in all colors, the most popular of which is white or light blue which lend itslef well to Mediterranean interiors.

Gloss is the amount of surface sheen. Planks are available in: high, medium and low gloss. High gloss floors shine under natural and artificial light and really draws ones attention. Medium gloss has less of a sheen, while low gloss is close to a matt sheen. High gloss is particularly suited to classic, formal and modern interiors; while low and medium gloss blend well with rustic, informal and modern interiors. The amount of gloss can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of a room so consider this carefully.

Armstrong high gloss laminate floors
Armstrong - Amber - High Gloss
Armstrong Cayenne Spice medium gloss laminate floors
Armstrong - Cayenne Spice - Medium Gloss
Mannington Revolutions Heritage Cherry low gloss laminate floors
Mannington - Revolutions Heritage Cherry - Low Gloss

Board width:

Laminated floors comes in a variety of strip and plank options. Strip flooring is 21/4 wide and plank comes in varying widths starting at 3" and going up to 8''.

You can visually expand the size of your room by selecting a strip floor, while a plank floor enhances a larger room. Choose a width that corresponds to the overall scale of the room. Some floors are available with different width planks ranging between 3-5-7" and this creates a more informal and relaxed look. Variable board widths are well suited to rustic and modern interiors.

Board width is an important factor and will have a big effect on the overall design of your floor and interior design.

Armstrong Millwork Block Burnt Ombre laminate floors
Armstrong - Millwork Block Burnt Ombre 4.92"
ArmstrongBarrel Oak Wood Plak laminate floors
Armstrong - Barrel Oak 7.6"

Board-to-Board Color Variation

The appeal of hardwood lies in its natural design. Some species have a more pronounced and greater color variation. You can get this same natural color variation in laminate floors. Higher degrees of color variation give a floor a more rustic and informal appearance. Classic and formal décors are more suited to consistent style flooring that has less color variation.

Quickstep Clasic Cornsilk laminate floors
Quik-Step Classic Collection Corn Silk (Low board to board color variation)
Quickstep Vanilla Swirl laminate floors
Quick-Step QS700 Collection Vanilla Swirl (High board to board color variation)

Edge type:

Bevelled edge planks can help delineate detail in the natural wood and adds a more casual feel while square edge planks fit flush against each other creating a smooth, traditional look. An eased or micro-beveled edge creates an angled effect where boards meet to create more depth and dimension while creating a more casual, relaxed look. The various laminates floors edge treatments can give the overall design a distinctively different look.

Mohwak Tigerwood strat edge laminate floors
Mohawk Boulevard Tigerwood - Straight Edge
Armstrong Bridle Oak beveled edge laminte floors
Armstrong - Bridle Oak - Beveled Edge
Mannington Restoration Collection microbevel laminate floors
Mannington - - Restoration Collection- Micro Bevel

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