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Laminates floors have been experiencing 10-20% annual growth over the past ten years. The growth in popularity is atrributed to three important factors: ease of installation, exceptional durability and affordability. Industry leaders are engaged in constant R&D in an effort to improve the quality and aesthetic values of their products.

Recent Laminates Floors Advancements:

The introduction of registered embossed laminate flooring surfaces has resulted in flooring that looks and feels more like real hardwood. Registered embossing is a process whereby the surface is textured in a way that follows the natural graining of the laminated wood picture. This gives the floor a realistic hardwood texture as well as natural shade variation.

Improvements in laminate floor core technology has resulted in an improvement in the water resistant qualities of laminates floors, while increases in core thickness have resulted in a higher degree of dimensional stability.

the impregnation of the tongue and groove joints of laminated floor boards has resulted in floors that are more resistant to damage caused by everyday spills.

Hardwood flooring with beveled edges has been a market favourite for years, and is now an available option for laminate floors.

Today, most laminated floor surfaces are treated wit Aluminum Oxide. This spray on chemical is extremely hard and resists scratches and denting.

Improvements in laminates flooring technology have lead to improved product warranties, ranging from 7 to 30 years. Generally speaking , the warranties cover the follwoing aspects: manufacturerdefect, fading, staining, denting, discolorazion, joint integraty and moisture.

Consider the follwoing factors when reviewing laminates floors:

1. Warranty

2. Core thickness

3. Core water resistant properties

3. Tongue and groove water resistant properties

4. Surface finish treatment

5. Method of manufacture- Direct Pressure Laminate(DPL), High Pressure Laminate(HPL)

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