Top Advantages Of Microfiber Mops

Microfiber mops are all the rage, and for many good reasons. In fact, they offer an array of advantages, and once you make the switch from your current mop to a microfiber mop, you’ll quickly realize it was a good decision.

In the past, I would use a broom to sweep around the apartment before I took out the sponge mop on my laminate flooring. You see, my apartment becomes dusty quickly because of the air pollution. Thick dust used to build up near the windows, and it was a hassle to get rid of it. A sponge mop worked alright, but streaks would be left behind and this became annoying.

I would easily spend a considerable amount of time sweeping and mopping. It was getting too much to go back and forth between sweeping and mopping, but then I make the switch to a microfiber mop. With that said, a few of the top advantages of microfiber mops include:

1. Versatile
Microfiber mops can be used for wet mopping and dry dusting. The same pad can be used for the entire process of wet mopping and dusting. After you’ve dusted the floors, you can take off the mop pad and rinse it off with warm water before re-attaching it and continuing on with the mopping.

2. Eco-Friendly Pads
The pads that are used for microfiber mops are eco-friendly. This is because you don’t throw them away after a single use. They can be reused several times. Furthermore, if a microfiber pad gets very dirty, then take the pad off of the mop and place it inside your washing machine.

3. Effective At Picking Up Dust & Dog Hair
You won’t have any problems dusting or picking up dog hair. In fact, you’ll effortlessly pick up both. Unlike a broom, you won’t have to go over a single area several times.

4. No Dirt Or Streaks Left Behind
Sponge mops and string mops often leave behind streaks and dust. Microfiber mops collect everything in a single swoop or two. This means you won’t have to repeatedly go over a surface in order to get it clean.

5. The Swivel Head
Another advantage is that microfiber mops have a swivel head. You’ll have no problem moving around all kinds of objects. This includes chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture.

6. Cover Large Areas
These mops have wide heads. This allows you to cover larger areas without much effort. You’ll spend far less time cleaning by using a microfiber mop than you would with a regular wet mop and/or a broom.

7. Less Back Work
The mops are lightweight and can get through gunk with ease. You won’t have to push down hard or scrub excessively. This means you won’t feel drained after cleaning, nor will your back ache or anything of that nature.

8. No Bucket Required
Microfiber mops don’t need a lot of water. In fact, you might just have to rinse the pad once after every room you clean. This doesn’t require a bucket, as rinsing the pad under the sink should be good enough.

9. Great For Laminate Floors
Microfiber mops are highly effective at cleaning laminate flooring. This is because you don’t have to use a lot of water, which can actually be bad for laminate floors. In short, microfiber mops are safe to use on laminate floors than string mops, which require a lot of water.

Final Thoughts
As you can see from the above, there are many advantages that microfiber mops offer, but those are only a handful. If you ask anyone who owns this type of mop, the chances are they’ll have nothing but good things to say about it. As previously mentioned, once you switch over to a microfiber mop, you’ll immediately realize it was a great decision to make.

Do you want to thoroughly clean your floors without putting much effort into it? If so, then you should get a microfiber mop. All you have to do now is shop around for microfiber mops and choose the one you like the most.