The Drawbacks To Buying Laminate Flooring That Is Cheap

laminate flooring

Is it just laminate flooring of cheap quality or is it really on sale?

From time to time you may be lucky to come across a great deal on high-quality laminate flooring. But in many cases, you are tricked into buying a product that is inferior which is marketed as the flooring of good quality that they are selling at an attractive reduced price. For this reason, you need to be careful about where you shop for your laminate flooring.

To begin with stay away from unknown or unbranded, laminate flooring. Today there are a variety of companies based in China that produce laminate flooring products that are inferior. They sell these products unbranded to the different distributors. The distributors brand this flooring themselves, yet in essence, these are unbranded floors.

In the majority of instances, these flooring products are made with cheap materials along with a surface treatment that is inferior. The floors will begin to deteriorate or show up wear-and-tear in as little as six months. Within 12 months you will be extremely unhappy or frustrated with the purchase. When you are unhappy with the flooring in your home, it will become extremely frustrating as you have to see the floors every day and you are constantly reminded about the bad decision you made.

However, the unbranded and cheap floors are in some cases suitable for environments that experience low traffic. So if you live on your own or you do not have pets or children constantly running around your home, these floors may serve their purpose adequately.

You may want to know about buying the entry-level branded floors that you can pick up for 50% or less compared to the premium models. One of the major drawbacks about these floors has to do with how thick the laminate-core is. Entry-level floors feature the thinnest cores which result in laminates which feel a lot less stable when you walk on them and even make a hollow sound as you are walking over them. Also, the cheap floor feels and look less like hardwood when compared to the premium versions.

There is a time when a cheap floor will be suitable. For example, if you own rental properties, these floors can perform for around 3 to 4 years adequately. They might not be luxurious yet still suitable for tenants. These are far better options when compared to carpets, that you may have to replace every time you get a new tenant.

Another situation where cheap laminate floors are good options is when you are planning to sell your home, and the existing flooring is in poor condition. The installation of new floors along with a couple of cosmetic changes may assist you in getting a higher price. Floors are usually the 1st thing that new homeowners will replace, so cheaper laminate flooring will usually be shortly replaced anyway.

Another situation where the cheaper versions of laminate flooring might be suitable is for areas that receive low traffic in your house. These floors are usually graded associated with traffic. So the cheaper floors are suitable for a low traffic area like a bedroom. In case you want to buy great quality laminate floorboards, I highly recommend you visit this laminate flooring Melbourne warehouse , they have wide range of timber products in their showroom with amazing installation services.